FCA Honduras mission Day 1-2 recap

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
by Ryan Terry

A group of Lipscomb student-athletes is spending part of the Christmas break in Honduras.  Men's golfer Ryan Terry gives a recap of the first two days.

Lipscomb Athletics FCA trip to Jovenes en Camino in Zamorano, Honduras did not start off as planned, but God has already proved faithful in numerous ways. Due to an airline error, our group of eight was split up just before our final flight into Honduras. Five of the team members (myself included) were left to spend the night in Roaton, Honduras, while three others were able to continue on and arrive at Jovenes en Caminoon Saturday night. On Sunday afternoon we finally arrived at Jovenes en Camino. God was faithful in the safety that was provided to the group even during some tough, unusual circumstances. 

Sunday night after dinner, the Hondurans were quick to challenge our group to a soccer match. The final score was inconclusive, but if anybody were to ask us we definitely won. Monday morning we got up and headed to Jovenes for breakfast at 8 a.m. After breakfast, we split up into different groups to work with the boys. Alex Ross and I helped four of the boys who were working on the construction of a new walkway with a room that will stretch the entire length of the property. The three other guys (Aaron Spragg, Brandon Thomas, and Dalton Keck) went to the agriculture property that Jovenes owns and worked there. The bulk of this work was done with machetes. The three ladies (Katie Collier, Ellen Lundy, and Rachel McAngus) spent the morning helping out by taking care of the youngest boys. Each set of house parents has roughly twenty kids to take care of, so they are thankful for all of the help that they can get. 

The afternoon was filled with some filled with everything from dodgeball, to water gun fights, to more work. It is really a blessing to just have the chance to spend all day with these boys. They do not often get much attention, so anytime a group like us can come in and just serve them and love them the same way that God has loved us, it is really special. After a dinner which included a birthday party and some truly delicious cake, we finished off the day with another game of soccer and a group devotional. 

I know from experience that what we are doing is making a difference in the lives of these boys, but it is also so exciting to see how the Lord in working in our lives and helping us grow closer to Him. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us the rest of this week. Please keep us in your prayers!


God Bless,


Ryan Terry