FCA Honduras mission Day 3-4 recap

Thursday, December 19, 2013
by Ryan Terry

A group of Lipscomb student-athletes is spending part of the Christmas break in Honduras.  Men's golfer Ryan Terry gives a recap of days three and four.

Tuesday and Wednesday were two more great days for our mission team here in Honduras.  Our morning routine continued as usual with us arriving for breakfast with the boys at Jovenes at 8 a.m. Between breakfast and lunch our team spent working in different ways. On Tuesday the five guys on the trip went to work in the fields with boys. We basically spent the entire morning chopping down trees and weeds. It's fairly hard work, but the best part about it is just getting to spend that time with the boys just trying to be an example for them. While we worked in the field, the girls helped prepare the lunch for Jovenes with the cooks in the kitchen. They spent close to four hours on their feet mixing chicken and potatoes for a typical Honduran dish.  The food turned out wonderfully, but the girls definitely gained an appreciation for the work that the cooks put in every day. They work from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day cooking for close to 70 people. 

On Wednesday morning when we worked, three of us stayed at Jovenes to help with construction of a new walkway.  This job included us learning how to lay cement on some of the pillars that they are building for the walkway. While the three of us did our best to throw the cement onto the pillars, the others in the group went to the fields to work again. Even the girls tried their hands at using the machetes in the fields. Before we headed back for lunch, we took some time to help milk the cows that Jovenes owns. All of the milk that Jovenes uses comes from these cows and needless to say that was quite an experience.

Neither of the afternoons was any less eventful.  We did everything from play soccer, to baseball, to making bracelets from yarn, but it was clear to me in our interactions with these boys that we are able to share the love of Christ with these boys.  This afternoon I took a mental sharpshooter that I don’t think that I will ever forget. As I stood near the center of Jovenes and looked around at what everyone in our group was doing, I saw Katie sitting with a boy caressing his head, Brandon and Aaron were doing some karate moves with two of the boys, Alex was throwing a little Nerf football with three boys, Dalton was swinging with two boys on either side of him, and Ellen and Rachel were lying on the ground with kids balanced on their legs letting them pretend to be flying. As I took this all in, I was just reminded of what we are called to do. We are to have the same love in us that is also in Christ Jesus, and that is what I saw from this group. It did not matter that they don’t even speak the same language, they were all loving these boys the way that Christ loves them, and that is so powerful.

There is much more I could say but do not have the time! God is working here in Honduras. Keep us in your prayers!

Ryan Terry - Men's Golf