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Athletics Mission Trip to Honduras: Day 8

Saturday, January 07, 2012
by Brent High

Eight student-athletes led by Brent High, Associate Athletic Director for Spiritual Formation, arrived in Honduras Saturday for an eight-day mission trip to assist with the rebuilding of buildings damaged by recent flooding. This is Brent's dispatch from their last day.

We were slow to wake up this morning. The exhaustion of the week has really set in today.

After breakfast we headed up to the horse barn, saddled up and began our tour of the back side of the refuge. It was about a two and a half hour trip. My horse’s name was Jorge. We ended up at the Mission Lazarus coffee plantation on the top of a mountain. We got a tour of the facility and even got to drink a cup of freshly ground coffee. For Dustin Wilder and Alexander McMeen it was the first time they had drank coffee. It was amazingly delicious! The coffee plantation is just one more element of the Mission Lazarus mission. You can actually buy some of their coffee in Nashville at the Mission Lazarus warehouse on Trousdale Drive.

The boys got the horses up to quite a gallop a few times. They had a great time. By the end we were all sore and amazed at how the horses had tackled the terrain.

We said goodbye to Cameron and got in the trucks to head to Tegucigalpa. Seth Daggett from Mission Lazarus was our guide in the first truck. The trip took about four hours. Driving from Choluteca to Tegucigalpa is a cross between Pole Position, Super Mario Kart and Frogger for all you gaming enthusiasts. Chickens, potholes, people on bikes, burros and bulls are just part of the experience.

We arrived in Tegucigalpa a little after 6 p.m. We are staying at the Clarion Hotel in Tegucigalpa. It is very nice. The receptionist at the desk even greeted me in English which caught me off guard.

On the trip over from Choluteca I realized I left one of my bags at Mission Lazarus. Unfortunately for my boys it had all of the souvenirs I was going to bring home to them. They will have to settle for some Honduran lempira (currency) until a group from Murfreesboro can bring my bag to me next week.

We went to Chili’s for dinner near the hotel. The boys chowed down before heading back to the hotel.

Seth, TJ McCloud and I have spent the last couple of hours sharing best practices of fundraising. In that same time I was able to get the hotel to wash a set of clothes for me to wear home tomorrow since everything in the bag I did have here was terribly dirty.

God has protected us so far. Everyone has remained healthy as well. When you think about all the near misses, danger and opportunities for bad things to happen, we have been blessed with the ability to focus on our mission and not things that would have distracted us.

I’ll post my final update tomorrow night after we hopefully arrive back in Nashville. All of us are at a point where we are eager to be home.

Thanks for your prayers!