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FCA Honduras mission Day 5-6 Recap

Sunday, December 22, 2013
by Ryan Terry

A group of Lipscomb student-athletes is spending part of the Christmas break in Honduras.  Men's golfer Ryan Terry gives a recap of days five and six.

Thursday and Friday were the last two full days that our group had to spend with the boys, and our group did our best to make the most of them. Breakfast on Thursday, which was some hot milk and rice, was probably the least desirable meal of the week, but our dinner was by far the best.

After another day spent working with the boys, playing soccer, and just loving on them, we went over to the house of Jovenes en Camino director, Ronald Millon.  There we enjoyed a variety of food including rice, beans, enchiladas, chicken, and even bacon. It was great to get to spend some time with Ronald and hear from him how appreciative Jovenes is for the time we have spent here. Ronald really has a heart of service, and he is a great example for all of the boys there.

Friday morning was similar to many of the other days with the five of us guys heading to the fields with the boys to work with machetes, and the girls spending time with the youngest kids and also working in the kitchen. The girls spent time preparing the lunch for Saturday, and we were all disappointed to find out that we were going to be leaving before the meal of cow skin. After the work in the morning we had some free time to head into town and go to a clothing store.  This is apparently the best clothing store in all of Zamorano, and it is probably about as big as two and half dorm rooms. A few of our guys bought jackets for some of the boys, and it was neat to get to see them get excited about that.

Friday afternoon culminated with what both our group and the boys were most excited about all week, the Honduras vs. North Americans soccer match. We brought matching jerseys that were complete with hand written teams and nicknames. If nothing more we were to determined to at least look good. The long hour of practice and play drawing paid off in a 10-7 win for our team. Some of that may have been due to our excessive fouling, and the fact that half of the game they played a man or two down, but a win is a win in our book. 

After the game was one of the more sad parts of the day, having to say goodbye to Tio Santos and his family and two of the other boys.  Tio Santos is the head of the greenhouse, and we have all grown very close to him. His family had the weekend off to relax and spend some family time because so much of their time is given to the boys at Jovenes. We will have many more goodbyes to say tomorrow, but the good news about that is that we are not saying "adios" only "Hasta luego". 

This trip has truly been a blessing to this entire group, and it has been a blessing to be used to the Lord to be a light to these boys. The joy that each one of them have is something that we will each be looking to bring back home with us.  It is easy to think of lots of "things" that each of us want and need, especially around Christmas time, but the joy that we are really searching for most of these boys have already found in Christ. 

Keep us in your prayers as we travel tomorrow. Thank you so much to all for your prayers and support during this trip! We serve a God that is alive and moving all around the world.


God Bless,


Ryan Terry